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I don’t want to bore you with a long and detailed cv, and I don’t believe there is much interesting to read about me anyway. Here the cornerstones of my 50-year journey through this beautiful life.

In my early 20s, I worked as an insurance agent; I always loved to be independent and operate at my hours.

I got involved with Direct Sales when I was about 23 and managed to build two worldwide organisations in two different companies.

Using the Internet made it possible to work from home and sell products anywhere in the world. My organization spread to over 40 countries with multiple million dollars in yearly revenue.

Direct Sells is also what brought me to Asia in 2005, living in Singapore for one year and moving to Malaysia in 2006 I decided to join a new company and was one of the pioneers in that company. I learned how to work with Google and how to build funnel pages and generate leads for my DS business. Throughout my DS career, I produced over 200 000 prospects through email marketing and website activities.

A couple of years ago I was approached by a friend who knew about my Insurance background. He asked me if I had any idea for an Insurance product for the Malaysian market. Being an active person, I always felt that there are many ways people could get hurt while exercising outside on Malaysian roads, and I proposed the idea of a sports insurance to him.

Three years ago that sports insurance product was ready to launch, and it is now sold online in Malaysia.

Over the last past years, while marketing the sports Insurance product at the same time running my second Direct Sales business, I realized how significant a proper digital presence is. I became very intrigued with social media and all aspects of digital marketing. I also realized how many businesses have no or feeble social media presence and that’s what inspired me to launch my own social media agency.

In 2018 I successfully completed a digital marketing course from the Columbia Business School in  Customer Engagement, Social Media, Planning & Analytics. At the same time, I achieved a Google Ads certification and continued to learn and join courses online to develop my knowledge in this fast-moving digital marketing industry.

I firmly believe that most businesses need a proper digital presence and understand that spending the time to learn all these things is not something every business owner can do.

I also know from personal experience that working with big agencies, like the ones you can find on the first page on Google with Ads will charge you an arm and a leg for social media management or web design, etc.

#Hashtag is a Social Media Marketing Agency for the small to medium sized business owner. You can find all my services on this website, if there is anything specific, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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